Review Requests

Review Requests

**Please do not just send me your book file

I am currently not accepting review requests until TBA
Unless I have already reviewed for you then I will consider. 

If you are an author and or publisher and would like me to read and review your book, here are a few guidelines. 

* Please send an email to : and state in the subject line

* Please list the date of expected review to give me an idea of the time frame I am working with.

* Please list the genre and if this is a series or stand alone book.  

Release Date
Amazon Link
Goodreads Link

* I will rate  your book on the 5 star rating system and post a review on this blog and on    

    Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads.

* The rating system is as follows:

5 stars: I enjoyed it and there were less than 5 errors
4 stars : It was great and there was between 5 and 10 errors
3 stars : It was ok , could have been better.
2 stars: Not my type of reading or book had many issues.

I typically do not leave a review for anything less than 2 stars I will contact author and let them know I could not honestly post review.

* Has the book been sent to an editor?

* I can accept Kindle format, hard copies for reviews.

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